Liminka music weeks concert series

29. june - 10. july 2010

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wed 30 Jun
6 p.m. Liminka music week’s Opening concert

thu 01 Jul
7 p.m. Brothers and the good old summer times
Erkki & Juhani Palola violins, Paavo Maijala, piano

fri 02 Jul
09 a.m. Liminka music camp's Open day 9 am - 5 pm free entrance
12 a.m. Soimaan free entrance
School Yard Area
6 p.m. Student concert I free entrance
7.30 p.m. "Windy" evening concert
Kaksi yhden hinnalla / Two for the price of one
9.30 p.m. KrankkaJam I, Intro

sat 03 Jul
11 a.m. Traditional village festival "Narikka" free entrance
in Liminka
12.30 a.m. Little stars on stage free entrance
6 p.m. Musicians on the loose
Hilarious evening - students and teachers on stage...
9.30 p.m. KrankkaJam II, Interlude

sun 04 Jul
6 p.m. With Batons to Stardom
Conductor band and students of the Conducting course, guidanced by Jani Telaranta
Kaksi yhden hinnalla / Two for the price of one

mon 05 Jul
6 p.m. Stroll down the music path, concert for children and the young at heart
Kaksi yhden hinnalla / Two for the price of one
7.30 p.m. Brand New Pieces

Kaksi yhden hinnalla / Two for the price of one


tue 06 Jul
7 p.m. In the white summer night, concert at the Kirkkomännikkö School, Tyrnävä

wed 07 Jul
6 p.m. Student concert II free entrance
9.30 p.m. KrankkaJam III, Coda

thu 08 Jul
10 a.m. Musical playschool's concert free entrance
6 p.m. student concert III free entrance
10 p.m. Concert of the nightless night, Lumijoki church

fri 09 Jul
7 p.m. Symphony concert
Conductor Jani Telaranta
Ravel: Bolero, Sostakovits: Sinfonia nro 5
9.30 p.m. KrankkaJam IV, Final

sat 10 Jul
12 a.m. Finale at noon
Music camp orchestras

Concerts are held at Heikki Sarvela -hall, Linnukkatie 5, unless otherwise indicated.
Tickets: 15 €, Symphony concert and Finale 25 €, Family ticket (for 4) 45/65 €.
Concerts are held at Liminka culture hall, Linnukkatie 5, unless otherwise indicated.
Free child care (for 3-year-olds or older) during concerts at Liminka culture hall.

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