25 June - 7 July 2007
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Welcome to Liminka Music Weeks' website!
41st Liminka music camp 25 June - 7 July 2007!

Liminka music camp renewed itself in 2006 in honour of its 40th anniversary. This year the new, year-round Liminka Music Weeks consists of Music happening (13 April), organised together with the municipality of Liminka, the two-week-long Music camp, Concert series (26 June-7 July) and Candle concerts (9 November).

This summer orchestral work is placed in the foreground. The Camp hosts five orchestras in all: junior orchestra, string orchestra, two wind orchestras, and symphony orchestra. The last-mentioned will rehearse M. Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition and A. Dvorak's Symphony No 9 with conductor Jani Telaranta.

Concert series has been designed by the undersigned, and is realised by the Camp's teachers and students.

Although emphasis is traditionally put on daily orchestral work and private lessons, camp curriculum includes a wide variety of activities. In summer 2007, students have an opportunity to, for example, get presentation training or attend Jani Telaranta's five-day-long conducting course. Our "instrumental family" welcomes one new member, kantele, also known as Finnish zither.

Our teachers are once again top-level, both nationally and internationally. Strings, winds and brasses form the foundation of our orchestras – both as instrument families and a unified entity – and are thus in key role.

On Friday, 29 June 2007 we welcome all music lovers and other interested parties to Liminka School Centre to see what the Camp is all about. Reciprocally, our students and teachers head to banks, shops and offices to delight local listeners.

Leisure activities - swimming trips, outdoor sports, etc. – are an important part of Camp life. This year two designated counsellors will plan activities especially for the younger participants. On Sunday, 1 July, we spend the day on seashore (if the weather permits) or in a spa, and shopping.

Through this site you may enrol to the Camp or send questions to teachers. If you need additional information regarding application, fees or the Camp in general, do not hesitate to contact our staff at

I warmly welcome you to Music happening, Music camp, Concert series and Candle concerts!

From ideas to sounds,

Heidi Piirala

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