26 June - 8 July, 2006
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Welcome to Liminka music weeks’ renewed website! 
40th Liminka music camp 26 June – 8 July 2006!

In honour of its 40th anniversary, Liminka music camp has become a part of Liminka music weeks, a new and versatile series of cultural events. In addition to the Camp, the 2006 Liminka music weeks include Music happening (7-8 April), organised together with the municipality of Liminka, and the two-week-long Concert series (26 June- 8 July). 

The Camp celebrates through music. Symphony orchestra, conducted by Jani Telaranta, concentrates on J. Sibelius’ music: Violin concerto, played by Réka Szilvay, is followed by Symphony No 2. The Camp hosts five orchestras in all: junior orchestra, string orchestra, two wind orchestras, and symphony orchestra.

Concert series has been designed by the undersigned, and is realised by the Camp’s teachers and students.

Although emphasis is traditionally put on daily orchestral work and private lessons, camp curriculum includes a wide variety of activities. For example, on 28-29 June we have an opportunity to acquaint ourselves with Baroque music and instruments (baroque violin, traverso), and on 3-4 July Bianca Morales invites children to experience the world of jazz. Young Talent Show Case, organised in co-operation with Pori Jazz Kids Festival, aims to find and promote local talents.

Our teachers are once again top-level, both nationally and internationally. Strings, winds and brasses form the foundation of our orchestras – both as instrument families and a unified entity – and are thus in key role.

Leisure activities - swimming trips, outdoor sports, etc. – are an important part of Camp life. On Sunday, 2 July, we visit the scenic Hailuoto, the largest island in the northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia. The traditional teachers vs. students soccer game is played after the trip. 
Through this site you may enrol to the Camp or send questions to teachers. If you need additional information regarding application, fees or the Camp in general, do not hesitate to contact our staff at

I warmly welcome you to Music happening, Music camp and Concert series!

From ideas to sounds,

Heidi Piirala

  Copyright © Liminka music weeks 2005